Wall of Shame Inductee

SteelEye Technology Rindy Abdelnour

"Trust Us" With Your Critical Data

See also Rindy's memo, Bob, and Delyn Fiyarson.

New SteelEye Term: "Liesuit". Definition: A non-existent lawsuit which is the figment of someone's wicked imagination and used to manipulate others to believe a lie.

In thinking about SteelEye's Drawdy, Maria, Bob and Kevin Berry, one thing has jumped out: the lies of Rindy Abdelnour, the "acting" Human Resources person. The "human" in the title is a bit of a stretch, but I guess another part of the lie. Even the "acting" part was baffling. There will definitely be no Oscar or Emmy handed out for this performance.

Ok, now this is getting a little dangerous as I'm crossing into Klan territory, so if you find me hanging from a tree, you know where to look for a suspect, folks. But Miss Rindy is a "fine upstanding Christian" who will lie with one hand high and the other one firmly on the Bible. "Oh the Lord will understand!" which I'm guessing is the justification for attending church to testify weekly and then sinning the rest of the week. I guess you can serve two masters and live happily ever after. After all isn't that what slaves were supposed to do?

Let's go over the documented lies Miss Rindy has told, shall we?

1. She lied about hiring Randy Sheldon, a person my gut instinct said "DO NOT HIRE!" because I thought there was something just "not right", and boy was I right. Rindy even lied to another employee to submit his resume a second time, after he was rejected the first time as an unknown candidate. Rindy even lied to Randy about what he was being hired for, i.e., Rindy had one agenda, which didn't involve Randy working. Randy liked to talk about work instead of doing it. But Rindy and Bob defended him completely, even when trying to have him removed from the group after complaints from other employees about him only wanting to sit at his desk and "plan", only wanting to work with the white employees and not consulting with his assigned lead (a black woman I assigned him and everyone else to). The salary I offered Randy was equal to the other salaries in the group. But Miss Rindy felt Mr. Sheldon deserved more and behind my back, offered him more without consulting with me, HIS HIRING MANAGER. When confronted about it, Miss Rindy lied, as she could only do best. When I requested the only honorable thing to be done (adjust the other salaries of those with more experience), the request was denied with a lie and an "oops, I'm sorry, I won't do it again". The most interesting thing I was told was the Sheldon name in the Columbia area was synonymous with an infamous local leader and founder of the Klu Klux Klan. Oh, I'm not surprised, not surprised at all.

2. Miss Rindy lied when NCR sent a formal letter of complaint to SteelEye about directly recruiting their employees away. First of all, SteelEye posted the NCR phone list on SteelEye cubicle walls and obtained an NCR organizational chart to help them strategically hire, also posted on the cubicle wall. The phone list helped them pick up the phone and call a new candidate in an NCR position that would be "strategic" to SteelEye. Then when busted, Rindy gathers the employees together to "get our stories straight" (lie) which was comical because one employee, who doesn't lie, said, "but we did do that, I know I did". Oops, wrong answer! "Pbsst..pay attention, Rindy is teaching you how to lie."

3. However, in a related lie to Delaine Frierson, it was stated I had a problem hiring NCR employees. Funny, I hired four of them myself, three of which I had to fight to get a fair salary and benefits for. One of which was a problem for Rindy because she was black. I guess I didn't get the "we only want to hire the white NCR employees first" memo. When a candidate came to ME first, as opposed to me unethically recruiting them like Rindy did with her candidates, the candidate was denied and their "information suddenly disappeared". But after a complaint was received from NCR, Rindy, per Drawdy's direction, placed an ad in the local Columbia newspaper and advised the NCR employees already contacted via phone to resend their resume via the advertisement in the newspaper. How convenient. One of Rindy's candidates was the problem employee which led to in-fighting amongst the founders, and finally departures. But I saw this candidate's value, I think it was 40D or larger, partially covered in a low cut top. But too bad common sense wasn't a requirement or else we would have had to send our first NCR reject letter.

4. Rindy lied to me in an attempt to deny an employee from receiving a fair raise, while paying Randy Sheldon more than he deserved and certainly more than I offered. If she could have paid some people minimum wage, she would have, while paying others with a "sky's the limit" attitude. And if I'd have heard "this isn't California" one more time to justify her lying and cheating, I would have turned into a surfboard and rode the waves of lies out. Ummm, I know it's not California, I can see all around me this place is no where in comparison to California, which made it difficult for me to move from it to hell, oops, I mean here. For example, let's count the number of confederate flags in Rindy's neighborhood alone. Now that's something I don't see in California every day. However, I honestly appreciated the confederate flags, and I wish more supporters of it would proudly display theirs. This would allow me to know ahead of time, "don't go there", or more important, "don't spend my dollars in there", as well as allow "dem der people" to definitely be separate from others. Too bad SteelEye didn't place one in the office the first week I visited, it would have saved me the loss of $100,000. But I do remember the confederate like "massah meets slave" handshake I got from Rindy upon meeting her the first time. After meeting her kids, the handshake explained a lot.

5. Rindy lied to ALL employees by sending an e-mail indicating that I, along with the founder and reason for their existence, had filed a lawsuit (see definition of "liesuit" above) against SteelEye. Funny, neither of us were aware of this. Or maybe Rindy was honest for a change and advised employees a "liesuit" was filed and one word was mistaken for another?! Oh well, another mystery of life. When requesting a copy of the lawsuit, Rindy suddenly couldn't think of a lie or had "no comment". But, having it not exist (again, see definition of "liesuit" above), didn't stop Miss Rindy from OPENLY LYING to all employees, who to this day still think a lawsuit was filed. In fact, the only person who would sue or threatened to sue was Drawdy, which led to his hefty severance payment. Meanwhile, the person who SHOULD have sued, never did! And the person who sacrificed the most for SteelEye, RECEIVED NOTHING, even things promised. Well, I did receive grief, I did get to see a nasty office affair and got a chance to see up close and personal every vile creature on the face of the earth (snakes, scorpions (yes, even in So. Carolina), big ass frogs, multi-headed bugs that don't die, bugs that spill out other bodies when killed, and, of course, Maria, Rindy and Bob). And everything told to me in order to move there turned out to be a lie. Or if it was true, Rindy made sure it was NOT honored, which doesn't surprise me as there's nothing honorable I've seen about her. Oh, but wait, she's a Christian. Or is that another lie? But I'm not sure which is the bigger lie: "I'm a Christian" or "we're a reputable organization". I guess when it matters, the bigger lie will be the downfall.

Well, I'm sure by now, they wish I'd filed a lawsuit so it could have been settled and their lies and dirty laundry sealed, allowing for Rindy, Drawdy, Bob and Maria to continue to deceive others without anyone knowing about it.

Would you trust this person or anyone associated with her with your critical data? If so, I've got a few bridges and mountains I'd like to sell you.