If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten.- George Carlin

Sun, Apr 20, 2014 7:26PM EDT

Cleaning in progress...shoes OFF please!

The Rockefellers, Venrock.com, Ray Rothrock, Eric Sean Copeland, Tony Sun, David Hook, Scott Bashrum, Bill Earthman, Channler Drawdy/SteelEye: True Story - Live & Learn, How I Paid For Someone Else's Fraud!

Venrock-Drawdy Corporate Fraud Petition

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Welcome To My Wacky Web World

Home of the Official* Stalker and Terrorizer of Cop Killers, Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, and Rapists and their Coverups!

*official docs to back up that PROUD badge of honor!

Tamra M Burgess

Hey der, cher. Wel ha ya mama nem? Dey fine? Wel ah-rit nah, com on in, sat ry der n lemme fix ya a col drank! We bout ta eat. U hong-gree! Laisser les bon temps rouler!
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I hope you find the site funny, shocking, intriguing, and enlightening. If you don't think it's either, who needs ya! Beat it!

Irony: Rockefeller family establishes strict drug laws and sentences, then turns around and funds a ponzi schemer, drug trafficker, money launderer, employment fraud and identity theft, while having a Rockefeller child addicted to heroin! read more...

The New Face of Evil
Ray Rothrock Venrock
Ray Rothrock/Venrock/Rockefeller

Check Out This Rare Jam Session: John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix's drummer).

Thanks Walrus for sharing!

And another priceless jam session: Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton


False hero for urban communities and infamous NYPD cop shooter and murderer, Larry Davis, is dead. Read More...

• Read Comments about BET's Larry Davis American Gangster Episode

I may be sarcastic and make light of things, but I should clarify this is NOT a joke. I know this DIRECT information about Venrock.com because of what happened to me personally.

Need Millions Of Dollars For Your Business Or Pleasure??

Well, contact Venrock.com. And tell them Tamra referred you, therefore, you should NOT be denied for any reason. If Channler Drawdy was given $22 Million to play around with, you should be able to receive whatever you need for any reason. If told you don't qualify for funding, sue! Because Channler Drawdy was NOT qualified for funding! A win-win situation! Venrock does not practice discretion when giving away millions. Just ask SteelEye and its unethical managers.

Tribute To The Tuskegee Airmen

The Failure of Urban Black Leaders

Sam Kiva Finkelstein / DRAX Realty Corp. - Part Deux: The Failure of Urban Black Leaders

How To Pray, hmmm...

"Crime & Punishment: Predator vs. Prey" article

Katrina Poll: Who Screwed Up?

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A book you should DEFINITELY pick up. Jennifer holds nothing back in her autobiography.

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