Wall of Shame Inductee

SteelEye Technology's Maria Scott

"Trust Us" With Your Critical Data

Seduced Channler Drawdy. Yuk! Eeeeewwww! That says a lot about her and her standards. She then sits in church weekly claiming to be a devout Christian (sinning and grinning). Those Ten Commandments, merely suggestions, especially down south where "we don't like anyone to tell us what to do", even God. She uses the sympathy game very well. Better acting than a daily soap opera. She openly discloses at inconvenient times, like lunch, "my husband cheated on me with the nanny (that the husband is now married to)". But her husband couldn't have been that bad, she trusted him enough to cater the SteelEye company picnic. Then again, he's a smart man, which is why he left her. She earns more than him, so he wouldn't want to screw up her income and have to pay more alimony than she deserves. Oh those "sud-ern" dramas! Gotta love 'em!

Maria thinks her married Lexington neighbors discriminate against her because she's a single mom. Ummm, here's a suggestion, they're not avoiding her because she's a single mom, it's probably because she's openly advertised how lonely and horny she is and the married women just want to keep their husbands away from her "legs always open and waiting" self.

Maria claimed to have suffered from depression and attempted suicide and disclosed this in a company e-mail (click here to see it) when addressing why less than qualified employees (who were also friends of hers) were being unnecessarily recruited after complaints surfaced from people who worked with her friends previously. This was classic. I wish I had a camcorder for the look on my face after reading her e-mail. The look said "is this woman retarded or just plain stupid?" Venrock, their venture cap, is aware of her behavior, but entrust her to make executive decisions (see e-mail again, maybe the second time, you'll understand why, I think?).

Or is it "sexual favors" in return for her job? Hell...if I were a single man, I'd use her. If she wants to put out so much, she should get what she deserves. But I suggest they double-bag the tool! Ain't no telling where that girl has been to get where she's at. I'm sorry, where's that profit again? I guess this is just another example that she's obviously not good at what she does as she can't even sleep with the RIGHT person! But hey, combine that "Drawdy Escape Package" with "Maria For Hire" and there may be a solid money making business, well maybe in Skankville.

Ms. "Ready and Waiting" even had the nerve, the audacity, to label me a "bitch" (well, how ya like me now?!) because I wouldn't hire one of her boy toys into my group. Major drama unfolded with another employee, who had worked with her boy toy previously, provided feedback as to why he shouldn't be hired. Maria retaliated and the employee feared for their job. She claimed to have been so distraught and uncomfortable being around me, but THEN she turns around and pays a home visit to me while recovering from surgery. She even came baring food. I politely thanked her and it politely went in the trash when she left. Maria also sent a cookie gift basket (hmmm, another food gift? was this woman trying to poison me so I wouldn't be able to reveal her affair with Drawdy?). That food gift went in the trash as well. Another employee was present when she announced she was stopping by uninvited. We both just looked at each other and laughed. This visit was also the first I had seen her since witnessing her and Drawdy getting ready to "get busy" for the evening. Her boy toy was hired after a late night "meeting" with Drawdy, but not into my group. Her boy toy's high salaried role was "undefined". And people wonder why the economy is in a slump. Here's a perfect example of why: funding companies going nowhere fast with overpaid, underworked people who just want to collect paychecks until their retirement age. But Maria (through Drawdy's pants) and Bob worked overtime to ensure my job would not be available upon returning from surgery, and I'd just moved 7,000 miles for that office drama!

Maria, herself, was the source of major controversy when she was hired. Various employees who had worked with her, wondered why she was being hired in the first place. Drawdy's plan was to hire her as Bob Williamson's replacement and boss. But in the end, Bob replaced Drawdy with the help of Maria. No one still knows what Maria does, but they do know she makes over six figures to do it! Again, double-bag it!